“ What an amazing service!
I am very impressed with how
easy and comfortable this
process was for anyone looking for a counselor. ”


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Seattle Therapists and Counselors:
We Take The Guesswork Out of Finding a Therapist

Women's Therapy Referral Service offers personalized assistance and is unique in Seattle. In these high-pressure, hurried times, what sometimes gets lost is real human connection. You deserve to take the time - to be thoughtful and thorough - to find the best Seattle therapist or counselor suited to your individual personality and situation.

What we offer:

  • Highly Trained Seattle Counselors & Therapists
  • Individualized Matching
  • Multiple Referrals
  • In-Person Consultations

What you receive:

  • A thorough face-to-face assessment of your counseling needs
  • Information and guidance on how to interview prospective therapists
  • The opportunity to meet with three different therapists selected especially for your needs

When you enter psychotherapy you build an important relationship based on trust with your therapist or counselor. The emotional and financial investment you make should be based on careful consideration. A good match contributes to a satisfying outcome.